A Healthy Pregnancy with Twins

A Healthy Pregnancy with Twins

A pregnancy is a blessing to the expectant parents and is the time when the pregnant woman should get most attention, love and care from her family, friends and loved ones. It is also a big responsibility on the part of the expectant mother herself to take proper care and precautions to ensure a healthy pregnancy devoid of possible complications. A pregnancy becomes more exciting when you are expecting twins! The care however doesn’t have to be much more elaborate than the usual pregnancy care which needs to be taken. A twin pregnancy needs to be understood in terms of the requirement of the twin fetuses and also the weight gain of the expectant mother. Enough nutrition and proper weight gain should be the main focus of a twin pregnancy.

What is a twin pregnancy?

A twin pregnancy is a case of a multiple pregnancy when a single zygote multiplies to form two zygotes giving birth to identical twins of the same sex or when two separate ovum or eggs that are released from the two ovaries have been fertilized by two separate sperms and thereby giving birth to fraternal twins who will be like two siblings and may or may not be of the same sex.

Determining a twin pregnancy is easy nowadays due to the available tests and you can also guess multiple pregnancies due to elevated HCG levels, more weight gain, more than usual fetal movements, too much fatigue and morning sickness. Multiple pregnancies may happen naturally or may be due to late age of mother and using of donor eggs.

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Make your pregnancy with twins healthy

A healthy pregnancy with twins can be achieved easily provided you are taking proper pregnancy diet for twin pregnancy and also gaining proper weight. Don’t worry as twin pregnancy call for more joy and you just need to take enough nutrition for the proper development of your twin babies.

You should definitely follow a healthy lifestyle, take a balanced pregnancy diet as prescribed by the doctor, take proper rest and sleep, avoid rash lifestyle and any bad habits like smoking or alcohol and also remain happy by remaining meaningfully active.

Avoid spicy, oily and junk foods which create indigestion and are responsible for discomforts during pregnancy. Take enough water, fruits and fruit juices, green leafy vegetables as these keep constipation at bay by keeping your whole system free of toxins.

Don’t sit or stand at the same place for long duration. Walk around gently and also consider pregnancy exercises and massages if your doctor recommends them. Take cushions and pillows to rest your back while travelling.

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