About Weight Gain during Pregnancy

About Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time to take proper care and follow certain essential precautions to ensure healthy progress of the pregnancy. There is no reason to feel scared or worried during your pregnancy which is a natural process provided you follow the proper steps to have a complication free pregnancy.

It is very important that you must follow a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits like smoking and alcohol, take proper pregnancy diet, take enough rest and sleep and also avoid spicy, oily and junk food. All these are done to avoid possible complications and also to ensure a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

Weight gain during pregnancy

Along with various important aspects in a pregnancy weight gain is a very important factor. Proper pregnancy weight gain reflects the proper growth and development of the fetus and also proper nourishment for the mother and unborn child. Weight gain during pregnancy progresses gradually and it shouldn’t be too high or too less.

It also depends upon how much the mother weighed before her pregnancy and accordingly there should be proper weight gain. It depends upon BMI compared to height that is if a woman is under weight compared to her height she should gain at least 28 to 40 pounds, if she is overweight then 15 to 25 pounds weight gain will be fine and for obese women not more than 11 to 20 pounds should be gained. However, if you are carrying multiple fetuses then accordingly there should be more weight gain compared to carrying single fetus.

How to gain proper weight during pregnancy?

To gain proper weight during pregnancy your doctor should advise you accordingly. You should take proper healthy pregnancy diet. Give up all your tensions of losing your slim figure during pregnancy as there are various ways to get back in shape after delivery. Take proper whole nutrition and give up spicy, oily and junk foods.

Take enough water and fluids and also try to do pregnancy exercises. Consult your doctor if pregnancy exercises will be safe for you and always take guidance from an expert to do exercises during pregnancy.

Keep a routine check on your weight gain according to the progress of the pregnancy and the month you are in. The doctor will be able to tell you how much weight gain is proper for you and accordingly you can keep a check.

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