Achieving a No Makeup Look

Makeup is applied on face so that we can accentuate our strengths and conceal our weaknesses on our face and appearance. However, makeup is an artificial application and may also bear the risks of side effects. When we look good and confident with makeup on people may feel at the back of their minds that the beauty is not natural and is because of makeup application. Therefore, this feeling among people can be minimized by achieving a no makeup look. A no makeup look can create a very natural look which makes you look fresh and beautiful.

Proper skin care regime and healthy lifestyle are necessary

To achieve a no makeup look you first need to achieve a clean and clear face through a healthy skin care regime and also a healthy lifestyle. No amount of makeup can actually make you look beautiful for long hours or at close up unless you have a healthy and beautiful skin and a clean and clear face.

You should lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid bad habits, take proper rest and sleep, eat balanced nutritious diet, exercise regularly, do effective stress management and drink lot of water. All these will assist you to achieve a healthy skin and a clean and clear face.

How to get the no makeup look

Once the above criterion is fulfilled half the battle is won! Regular moisturizing and keeping the skin well hydrated is essential. Use a pigment rich concealer to cover up any marks, fine lines or blemishes.

Dab some oil-absorbing powder to get rid of the shine and in case of too much oily skin you can skip using the moisturizer while going out. Use the lightest and most natural shade of eye shadow and just define your eyes and lips with pencil liners and fill up with natural tones. Brown mascara and shimmery nude eye shadow are also friendly choices to achieve a no makeup look.

A light colored cream, gel or mousse blush can be used to give the finishing touches to your no makeup look.

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