All you need to know about Antioxidants

About Antioxidants

The human body has its own way of dealing with certain troublesome issues that usually crop up with the normal day to day processes that take place inside it. It has its own set of rules and principles to take care of side effects and other anomalies that arise out of these natural processes, and it is only when the body cannot handle these effects do we need to take alternate measures to achieve the same.

The basics of Oxidation

The same can be said for the process of oxidation which is carried out by the body on a regular basis in order to extract energy from the foods that are consumed. This energy in turn helps the body to go about its daily activities smoothly without any hassles.

Oxidation results in the 24 hour interaction of the oxygen in the body with the cells present in the same.  And although the process is considered extremely important for the body for the above mentioned reasons, it has its own side effects and causes the formation of free radicals that can cause harm to the body in the long run.

The issue with Free Radicals

Often deemed as the main reasons for premature ageing in individuals, free radicals are highly reactive substances that cause oxidative stress on the human body. If not controlled properly, these free radicals have the potential to cause a number of health ailments in the body, ranging from cell damage to DNA alteration.

The Basics of Anti Oxidants

This is where the counter attackers called anti oxidants enter the picture. Anti oxidants are generally natural substances that have the potential to control and prevent oxidative stress induced by the free radicals on the body.

Usually found in appropriate amounts in the body itself, antioxidants help the body regain control of the oxidation process, thereby helping it to counter attack the effects of the latter and protecting the body from cell damage, premature ageing and other such issues.

The Need for additional Anti Oxidants

The body as it is produces a good number of antioxidants to take care of the free radicals that result from oxidation. However, in some cases if the number of oxidizing agents inside the body tends to increase, there would be less number of natural antioxidants to inhibit the free radicals.

In these cases, it is considered vital to introduce more antioxidants into the body on a regular basis. And this can be done via diets that contain foods rich in anti oxidants. These foods would provide the body with the necessary anti oxidants it requires to combat the excessive oxidative stress caused by oxidation.

Given below are some foods that can provide the body with essential anti oxidants to fight off free radicals and keep the body healthy in the long run.

Coffee and Caffeinated Products:

Although too much caffeine is considered unhealthy for the body, a little amount of the same every day would supply plentiful amounts of anti oxidants to the body on a regular basis.

Fruits and Leafy Vegetables: Including these foods in the diet would ensure that the body keeps on getting its regular dosage of anti oxidants every day.

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