Best Saree Shops in Mumbai

Best Saree Shops in Mumbai

No matter what dress she chooses to wear for occasions; for the Indian woman, the saree is the ultimate symbol of grace, beauty and persona all rolled into one. Although it can be quite difficult to drape and pleat one of these beautiful creations (of course you can always opt for the slip and out variety), it’s actually choosing the saree itself that seems to take a toll on women. For when you decide to buy a saree,  you need to make sure you get it from a renowned shop that emphasizes on both quality and customer specifications.

If you live in Mumbai and want to find out the best places to get these 6 yard wonders, here are some of the best places you can opt for.

Nalli Silks

Very popular in South India, the Nalli Franchise is known for its trademark South Indian Kanjeevaram Silk sarees. And if you want to get an original Kanjeevaram silk saree, head out to Mumbai Nalli which would ensure that you get the saree of your dreams; complete with a cup of traditional South Indian filter coffee which you can sip on while you make your choice.
Spread over 3 floors, Mumbai Nalli offers you silk sarees covered from top to bottom in gold colored weaves. Depending on whether the zari work is original or gold/silver dipped, the price of these sarees can range from a mere Rs. 1000 to a staggering Rs. 100,000. So take your time and make a good choice. If you are confused, you can always ask the attendants of help who would be more than willing to drape the sarees on yourself and themselves to help you come to a conclusion.

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Kala Niketan

Located in Juhu and Marine Lane, these two stores of the Kala Niketan franchise are the best options for you if you want variety. Offering you everything from south silk, kashmiri silk, cotton, benarasi, embroidery, bandhini and even printed sarees, Kala Niketan in Mumbai is one place you can always walk into expecting something new and unique.

With prices starting from Rs. 500, these shops also sell salwar kameez materials and are almost always crowded the year throughout.

Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas

If you love bandhini sarees, then you can blindly follow the directions to this shop in Mumbai. Called Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas (or just Jamnadas), the shop celebrated its centenary recently and is one of the most sought after saree shops in Mumbai, thanks to its wide selection of bandhini, panetar and gharchola sarees.

In contrast to other shops that showcase their sarees on glass displays, Jamnadas usually keeps the sarees wrapped in cloth bundles in order to retain the pattern. This in turn would make sure that the bandhini saree retains its quality (which is determined by how closely it is tied). And with prices that start from Rs. 3000, you know this is one of those must visit shopping destinations.

Wrap ‘n’ Weft

You may be fooled by its small size and lack of publicity. But step into this shop and you will be transported into a different world altogether. Run by Sagarika Rai, Wrap ‘n’ Weft is one of those few shops which still gives importance to traditional hand woven sarees.

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In fact, Sagarika Rai has made sure that sarees with messy sequins, embroidery or zari work do not find their place in the shop. She focuses only on traditional Indian motifs like kamal booti, paisleys and jangla and makes sure the Benarasi sarees in her shop are both intricately woven and light enough (materials used include tussar, silk, cotton, georgette etc.) so that women can wear them comfortably without feeling heavy. The prices for these sarees range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 200000

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