Love Winters !

Reasons to love winters! Some hate it for being too dry for their skin; some love it for being a pleasant weather. But, almost everyone enjoys being in their cozy shells when it arrives. Talking about winters in particular and forgetting the irritable heat and sunburn of the hot summers; delights the mood and leaves … Read more

Make your own look book

Your personality is your biggest asset and your look book helps highlight your personality. Make your own look book The winters are back with all sorts of warm clothing stacked in the market and you are still clueless about your shopping plans. The main reason behind this confusion is your unawareness about what personality traits … Read more

Must haves in your wardrobe

The MUST HAVES in your wardrobe Fashion demands certain classic rules and every woman should abide by these to keep her modishly stylish. With seasons and trends ever changing, there exist these classic essentials which survive year after year to keep you fashionable at their best. We give you eleven top hits to keep your … Read more

Natural Foods that reduce Cholesterol in Women

Natural Foods that reduce Cholesterol in Women Cholesterol can be your worst enemy if you are even slightly overweight. It can lead to several health related ailments as well, ranging from hypertension, diabetes and cellulite to heart diseases and strokes. And so it is considered extremely essential to keep cholesterol at bay come what may! … Read more

Proper ways to Remove Makeup

Proper ways to Remove Makeup We apply makeup in order to accentuate the strengths and conceal the weaknesses on our appearances. We get confidence to step out into the outside world with proper makeup as we feel great to look good and well groomed. However, there are certain essential knowhow about makeup also failing to … Read more

Things you can’t forget before stepping out

Things you can’t forget before stepping out There are things we can’t imagine living without and then there are these small yet useful stuffs we can’t think to separate while stepping out. These stuffs are not only an essential part of our day to day life but are also the backbone of our overall personality. … Read more

The Route to Inner PEACE

>At times, we are tired of ourselves and then we surrender saying “That’s it, I can’t take it anymore”. But, we hardly see to our inner selves, deep within ourselves where still some hope, some belief in self resides. The everyday life has too much to add to our tension and at times like these … Read more

Latest winter trends for Indian women

Latest winter trends for Indian women With the blustery season peeping through the windows, the trend gets a revival with scarves, blazers, coats, jackets and caps occupying the wardrobes of modern Indian women. This fall and winter brings to the color palette the shades of mellow and lively pastels with a neutral touch. Winters this … Read more

About Losing Pregnancy Weight Easily

Pregnancy is a life changing event in a woman’s life which brings manifold changes to her life as well as mind and the body. When a woman becomes pregnant there are multiple changes occurring within her body which include hormonal and functional. To let the fetus inside her grow and develop in a healthy manner … Read more