Chocolate Waxing

Although considered painful, waxing is one of the best known methods to remove unwanted body hair, next only to laser hair removal. Waxing removes hair at the roots, thereby giving you smooth skin and slowing down the process of hair growth at the waxed areas.

There are many types of waxing procedures that usually involve the use of various ingredients. However, one of the more popular types involves the use of chocolate and is usually available in salons. Called chocolate waxing, this procedure uses cocoa flavored wax for removing body hair and has several benefits over the normal wax used for the same.

Known benefits of chocolate waxing

Cocoa is a natural product and has strong anti inflammatory properties. This ensures that you mostly don’t develop any skin rashes, irritation or other side effects after waxing.

Chocolate wax does not need to be heated profusely before applying on the body. Unlike normal wax which has to be scalding hot in order to work properly, chocolate wax can work at normal warmth.

It is not completely necessary that you need to visit a parlor and shell huge amounts of money to opt for chocolate waxing. With the right tools and the basic know how, you can do chocolate waxing with fruitful results well within the confines of your home itself.

How to do chocolate waxing at home

The first thing you would need to do is get the necessary ingredients ready for the procedure. This would involve acquiring a cocoa flavored wax (you can also opt for other flavors like hazel nut, dark chocolate etc.), some waxing strips and a towel.

Choose a good quality chocolate wax that is both branded and contains ingredients that you are not allergic to. Check the label at the back for the list of ingredients and the brochure inside the pack for instructions on how to use it. Follow the instructions carefully for maximum benefits.

Remember that chocolate wax does not need to be very hot. If you heat it up too much, the wax could lose out on its essential ingredients and not work properly. Mild heat is considered best in this case.

A patch test is always considerable when you opt for waxing (with any ingredient). Although chocolate wax does not produce any harmful side effects on the skin, it could cause irritation if you are allergic to cocoa or any other ingredient present in the product.

So apply a small amount of the wax to a small area in your wrist and test it to make sure that your skin doesn’t develop any irritation afterwards. Once you clear the patch test, you can start applying the wax to the other parts of the body.

Important Note:

Always apply talcum powder over the area before you apply the wax. This would ease the pain of waxing. Apply the wax in the same direction as the hair growth. And make sure to apply a small amount of wax instead of dabbing a profuse amount of the same onto the area (like when you apply normal wax). Chances are that excess cocoa can potentially peel off the upper layer of the skin. So be pretty economical when using it.

After removing the waxing strips, pat the area with a dry towel and wait for 10-15 minutes before applying any kind of cream or lotion on it. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the body, taking extreme care while waxing sensitive areas like armpits. Stay indoors for at least half a day after you finish waxing to avoid sun burns and other skin issues that might crop up if you venture out too soon.

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