Essential Foods that aid in Weight Loss

Essential Foods that aid in Weight Loss

Most if not all the women out there love to flaunt flat bellies and nicely toned bodies. Sadly, for the Indian women, this dream remains a dream as they hardly find the time to hit the gym or stick to regular workout schedules. Added to these woes are their incessant priorities, what with taking care of the house, work, family and friends, they hardly find the time to take care of themselves, let alone find a way to get rid of that annoying belly fat.

Not to worry ladies! For here is a way you can actually lose weight without starving yourself to death or tiring yourself at a gym every day. Given below are some foods that are known for their effectiveness in weight loss and achieving a flat tummy. Munch on these and you can never go wrong in the weight department.


Water frequently finds its way to the health related lists thanks to its amazing qualities. Despite being colorless and tasteless, this wonder liquid helps the body in so many ways. In this case, regular intake of water can do wonders for a body, including curbing hunger pangs, flushing out harmful toxins from the body, preventing bloating (caused by lack of fluids), reducing fluid retention, and regulating the digestive tract; all of which help you get a flat tummy pretty quickly.

And although too much water in the system can cause dilation, it is not harmful to drink at least 5 glasses of water every day at regular intervals. Suitable alternatives to water can be green tea, peppermint (also dandelion and fennel) tea , or plain liquid drinks that do not contain fizz or calories.

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Strange but true! It has been found out that eating lots of berries can actually help you lose weight faster than when you exercise or diet. The reason? These berries contain a chemical (responsible for their color) which helps to burn abdominal fat really fast.

So load your refrigerator with plenty of black, blue and acai berries and feast on them at regular intervals. Oh, and try to eat more of the red and blue varieties as they contain more of the chemical needed to burn that fat hugging your belly.

Flax Seeds

They are also called as linseeds and are said to be loaded with plenty of monounsaturated fats. These monounsaturated fats not only help to reduce belly fat, but also help to maintain the normal cholesterol levels in the body.

Another highlight of adding flax seeds to your diet is that they contain plenty of fiber which helps to keep your digestive system clean and healthy, thereby preventing issues like constipation, diarrhea and bloating etc. A healthy digestive tract would also mean a healthy, flat tummy. So make sure you add these seeds to your meals to enjoy their wholesome benefits.

Whole Grains

Extremely low sources of fat, whole grains are great substitutes for their counterparts and can help maintain a clean digestive tract in addition to maintaining the insulin and stress levels in the body; two factors that are partly responsible for weight gain around the abdominal region.

Opting for whole grains in their processed form would not be the best option as they can be hard to digest and can cause bloating in certain cases (example wheat). Alternatively, you can opt for the natural source of whole grains like oats, spelt, brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat etc.

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Whoever said yogurt would make you gain weight? In addition to containing low amounts of fat, yogurt also houses probiotics which help to boost the production of good bacteria in the gut for better digestion. This in turn would prevent gastro intestinal issues like gas, cramps, bloating etc. and keep your stomach flat and toxin free. So try combining yogurt with your meals or mid day snacks for added benefits.

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