Foods for Soft Supple Skin

Foods for Soft Supple Skin

With a cold wave sweeping over North India and several other parts of the country, it can be clearly understood that this is going to be one of those really long and harsh winters. Which brings us to the reason for this article; the necessity for a customized skin care routine that would enable us to survive winter and its effects on the skin.

Even though external skin care can be achieved with the help of regular creams, lotions and moisturizers, you need to take care of your skin internally as well. And that can be achieved by opting for certain foods that contain the nutrients essential for the skin. These foods would help you sport soft, supple skin irrespective of whether it is summer or winter!

Say ‘No’ to Alcohol

Alcohol can dehydrate your body very quickly, an effect that could lead to dry, flaky looking skin in no time at all. So if you have dry skin already, it pays to say no to the drink or limit its consumption, so that your skin remains hydrated and soft.


Everyone knows that water is one of the best natural medications that can flush out harmful toxins and foreign bodies from your body. And the benefits of this wonder fluid do not stop just there. Regular intake of water everyday would keep your skin hydrated and moisturized for longer periods. Water would also help the cells present in the skin to absorb more vital nutrients while removing toxins present in the same.

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In sharp contrast to the general notion of drinking up to 12 glasses of water a day, it is recommended that you drink only that amount of water that is required by your body on a day to day basis. Accordingly, you can opt for a minimum of 5 glasses of water a day.

Foods rich in Antioxidants

Several fruits and vegetables are known to contain high levels of anti oxidants which are considered essential for the body on a day to day basis. The oxidation process of the body releases free radicals which can cause issues like premature aging, wrinkles, and dry and sagging skin with time. Regular intake of antioxidants would slow down the damage caused by these free radicals.

Accordingly, you can include foods like beans, capsicums, tomatoes, spinach, berries and apricots etc. into your daily diet to keep your skin wrinkle free and youthful for longer.

Foods rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a nutrient that is known for its skin care properties. In addition to taking care of a multitude of problems like wrinkles, acne, and regular outbreaks, Vitamin A is considered extremely important in maintaining soft, supple skin. So make sure that you add plenty of foods rich in Vitamin A to your existing diet. Common examples include eggs, dairy products, carrots, oranges and green leafy vegetables etc.

Foods rich in Vitamin C

In addition to slowing down and preventing damage to the skin caused by free radicals, foods rich in Vitamin C can also boost collagen production and thus help maintain the moisture content and elasticity of the skin. Foods rich in Vitamin C can also offer ample protection to the skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

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Foods like grapefruit, papaya, oranges, broccoli, citrus, sweet lime and green leafy vegetables contain high levels of Vitamin C and can be added to your existing diet for added benefits.

Foods rich in Vitamin E

A natural treatment for dry skin, Vitamin E when taken orally or applied topically can make dry skin appear soft, supple and radiant within no time at all. In addition to protecting your skin from the UV rays of the sun, Vitamin E also helps to soothe inflammation.

So make it a point to add plenty of foods rich in Vitamin E to your diet. You can start with foods like seeds, asparagus, nuts, vegetable oils and olives etc. 

Foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This nutrient helps the skin fight off dryness and aging on its own. And this it does by increasing the production of a natural oil barrier that keeps the skin safe from issues like wrinkles, acne, premature aging, blemishes, and dryness.

Include foods like flax seeds, fishes (salmon and sardines) , walnuts, and olives to your diet to get your daily dose of Omega 3 Fatty Acids on a regular basis.

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