Foods that Cause Diabetes

It is a known fact that an increase in blood pressure levels would automatically trigger an increase in the blood sugar levels as well. And this in turn would increase the chances of contracting diabetes.

In addition to following medications and standard treatments to reduce blood sugar levels, it is also important to stay away from certain foods that can potentially cause diabetes. So if you suffer from high blood sugar levels, you need to avoid these foods at all costs.

Refined Grains

The problem with refined grains is that by the time they come out of the machine, they would have lost out all their minerals, proteins, vitamins and fiber. The resultant product would only be high in glycemic index, a factor that causes the blood sugar levels in the body to rise by demanding more insulin secretion for digestion.

Alternatives: Rather than opting for refined grains, you can opt for whole grain products that contain all the essential nutrients needed for the body while being low on the glycemin index. This in turn would keep you safe from diabetes. Examples of whole grain products include wheat breads, brown rice, barley, popcorn, wild rice, quinoa etc.


Of course we all know that chocolates are some of the best ‘mood lifting’ foods in the market. However, too much of the same, especially when you are very stressed out, can be hazardous to your health and can cause diabetes.

Chocolates contain high amounts of caffeine, sugars and fat. A lethal dose when taken under stressful conditions! Alternatively, you can opt for dark chocolates or other foods that can lift your mood without necessarily causing a concern to your health.

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Fast Foods

The next time you want to gorge on those delicious French fries and bite into a juicy hamburger, think twice before doing so. For fast food can cause diabetes and other health related ailments in the body! In addition to containing extremely low proportions of minerals and vitamins, these foods contain inappropriate amounts of fats and bad carbohydrates which can lead to a spike in blood glucose levels and eventually cause diabetes.

Dairy Products, Meat

Too much consumption of dairy products can potentially cause diabetes. The same can be said for meat (the high fat variety). Both these foods contain high amounts of unhealthy fat which is directly linked to conditions like heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

So make sure you cut down on all kinds of unhealthy fat foods (including lamb, dark meat poultry, processed meats, organ meats, heavy cream, processed cheese and butter and full fat ice cream. Alternatively, try to opt for healthier sources like nuts, olive oil and seeds etc.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Extremely high in trans fat, hydrogenated vegetable oils contain hydrogen as additives that give these oils their long lasting base. These oils are also more prevalent in fast foods and confectionaries like French fries, chips, crackers, cakes etc.

The trans fat present in these oils would significantly contribute to weight gain which in turn would increase a person’s risk of contracting diabetes. So better avoid all foods that contain hydrogenated oils or their derivatives.

Sugar Additives

Just like refined grains, sugar additives contain less amounts of healthy nutrients needed by the body and more amounts of unhealthy options, including extremely high glycemic indexes. With an increase in the glycemic index, the blood sugar level would also rise abnormally, causing diabetes in the long run.

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Rather than gorging on foods that contain added sugars (like jams, frosting, cereals, cakes, pancake syrup, jellies, frozen desserts, candies, pies, fruit punches, cookies etc.), opt for healthier alternatives like herbal tea, low fat milk and fresh fruits.

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