Health Care tips for the Winter Season

Health Care tips for the Winter Season

Come winter and most of start falling sick one way or the other. With colds, flus, and all kinds of viruses doing the rounds these days, it is only befitting that we take extra measures to stay healthy and active during the winter season.

Here are some tried and tested tips that could keep you safe from the harsh winter cold and the multitude of issues that come with it. Follow these tips to the ‘T’ and you can have the best and healthiest winter you ever had till now!

Dietary Considerations

Considering the fact that the options to keep yourself healthy from the outside are limited during winters, you need to make sure that your body is healthy enough to withstand the cold that sets in during the season, not to mention having the power to fight off viruses and other disease causing enzymes.

And the best way to do that is to keep a check on what you eat before and during the winter season. Stocking your body with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C and E beforehand would give you plenty of strength to fight off dangerous infections that arise in winter.

Another concern that usually arises in winter is that of weight gain. The cold season would definitely make you reach out for not so healthy snacks and beverages that can make you gain lots of unhealthy fat. So keep a check on what you eat and how much you eat as well. Just remember! Too much of cream based foods and drinks can also be bothersome.

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In sharp contrast to the notion that the body remains cold and hydrated throughout the winter season, it has been found out that the body actually loses more water in the winter than in the summer. So keep your body hydrated at all costs. Drink plenty of water and warm fluids (herbal teas, clear soups etc.) to prevent dehydration and the effects that usually follow it.

Sleep Considerations

Winter is usually associated with longer nights which in turn make your body sluggish and sleepy for longer periods. There is nothing to be alarmed about this though and the extra nap time can actually be good for your health in the long run. So don’t fret about feeling extra sleepy. Enjoy the longer nights with longer sleep.

Clothing Considerations

Although you might feel that your body is accustomed to the cold, in reality it would not be the case! So don’t wait for your body to freeze over completely before opting to cover up. Wear some jackets, scarves, socks, and gloves etc. to warm up your body immediately if you feel the chill creeping up from inside.

Skin Care Considerations

Winter is synonymous with infections. So make sure you keep your body free of the same by washing your hands regularly. Your skin would also be one of the most affected areas of the body during the winters. So make sure that you moisturize it regularly with creams, lotions and other home remedies. This would prevent your skin from turning dry and flaky with time.

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Other Considerations

Agreed that the bitter cold would want you to run back into the bed covers and stay snuggled up inside the warm bedroom for hours on end. However, too much lethargy would also make your body more prone to infections, injuries and illnesses, not to forget mentioning the fact that your body would get cold faster without any activity.

So wrap yourself up properly and head out during the day to let some sunshine seep into your body. The sun’s rays would provide your body with the warmth that it needs in the winter season in addition to reducing risks like SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Indulge in some activity like running, jogging, cycling etc. to loosen up those muscles which generally become tight and rigid during the winter season. This would put them at less risk of contracting injuries.

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