About Pregnancy Exercises

During pregnancy a plethora of changes get triggered within the body of the expectant mother to which she is hitherto unaccustomed to. Her body begins to grow and gain weight as the fetus develops within her gradually with the progress of months. About Pregnancy Exercises Pregnancy exercises are activities that are specifically designed to help … Read more

About Losing Pregnancy Weight Easily

About Losing Pregnancy Weight Easily Pregnancy is a life changing event in a woman’s life which brings manifold changes to her life as well as mind and the body. When a woman becomes pregnant there are multiple changes occurring within her body which include hormonal and functional. To let the fetus inside her grow and … Read more

Hair Care Myths

HAIR CARE Myths One of the hardest part of any skin or hair care routine is trying to sort out the myths from the facts. For with so many hair care myths doing the rounds out there, it becomes so easy to fall prey to some ideas and end up losing our hair in the … Read more

Tips to take care of dry skin

Dry Skin Treatment If you have naturally dry skin then you know how itchy and flaky your skin can get at times, especially during the winter season. Dry skin tends to lose its moisture content pretty soon, which is why you need to moisturize it regularly. But that would mean spending loads of money on … Read more

Foods for Soft Supple Skin

With a cold wave sweeping over North India and several other parts of the country, it can be clearly understood that this is going to be one of those really long and harsh winters. Which brings us to the reason for this article; the necessity for a customized skin care routine that would enable us … Read more

Best Saree Shops in Mumbai

Best Saree Shops No matter what dress she chooses to wear for occasions; for the Indian woman, the saree is the ultimate symbol of grace, beauty and persona all rolled into one. Although it can be quite difficult to drape and pleat one of these beautiful creations (of course you can always opt for the … Read more