Tips for a healthy breakfast

Tips for a healthy breakfast

With drastic lifestyle changes and erratic work schedules threatening to get the better of us, it has surprisingly become very normal for an individual to skip more than one meal in a day. And one of the most frequently skipped meals is the breakfast which many feel will make you heavy and groggy in the morning itself.

Agreed, a heavy breakfast would make you sluggish. However, not eating anything at all for breakfast would also lead to several health related issues in the long run. So instead of not eating breakfast every day, try making a few changes to the way you eat your breakfast. This in turn would enable you to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to kick start the day without necessarily overloading yourself and feeling sluggish later on.

Healthy Breakfast Alternatives

If you complain of feeling lethargic just after having your breakfast every day, chances are that you might be eating something that slows down your system. In this case, the first step towards recovery would be ascertaining what exactly you eat every morning and how you can replace it with healthier alternatives. And here are some options to help you out.

Processed Foods

Foods like sweet buns, standard bread, instant noodles, cookies etc. are not the best choices for the first meal of the day. In addition to depriving your body of the essential nutrients that it needs to function, these kinds of processed foods would also lead to sudden hunger pangs which would make you snack heavily in between meals.

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So forget foods like cakes, sweetened spreads, jams, fruit juices (which contain artificial sugars) and sauces need to be avoided at all costs during breakfast. Alternatively, you can opt for suitable replacements like honey (for jam, sugar and spreads), low fat butter (for pasteurized butter), skimmed milk (for full cream milk), fresh fruits and juices (for processed, packaged fruit juices), and multi fiber bread (for white bread) to stay healthy and full for longer periods.

Essential Nutrients needed by the body

Protein many feel would make them put on weight. On the contrary, the appropriate amount of protein when consumed as part of your breakfast can keep you going the entire day without feeling tired or lethargic. Protein takes a longer time to digest and thus makes sure that your body is replenished with energy at frequent intervals until it is completely digested by the system.

In addition to having a glass of milk every day as part of your breakfast, you can opt for high protein foods like whole eggs, cottage cheese, sprouts, low fat curd, tomatoes, and soy products to keep your system energized and healthy the entire day.

Include nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios etc. in your daily breakfast menu. These foods contain almost all the nutrients your body would require on a day to day basis. Just be sure that you don’t snack too much on these nuts though as they can possibly cause weight gain as well. 

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